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The mission of Ford Business is to bridge businesses and opportunities between East and West.
We aim at achieving sustainable and vibrant growth by achieving excellence in all activities, generating optimum profits through total satisfaction of shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and society.
Treasuring Every Customer
In Ford Business, we highly value our customers and are able to maintain a close and long-term working relationship with every one of them. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our customers are repeated clients.
Value-Added Services
Our philosophy is to give our customers value-added services that exceed their requirements and expectation. We offer a full complement of value-added services designed to make your relationship with Ford Business the best it can be.
Knowledge Management
In Ford Business we highly value knowledge management. Our staff is well trained in product and service knowledge, and well informed in market trends, technology advancement and product innovation. The "Can-Do" philosophy in Ford Business enables our staff to be professional, competent and committed to our customers.
Supplier Support
We have our own manufacturing facilities and a well established network of suppliers worldwide, including many in the mainland China and other SE Asia regions. We are always able to get our customers the best results right time at the most competitive cost - and return with clients' full confidence.

Our superior infrastructure and reliable global supplier network assure our customers the best quality service and competitive products in the market for today and tomorrow.

Fast Response Time
We are committed to delivering fast and accurate feedback to your every question on our service or for information. We pride ourselves on the promptness and reliability in customer response.
Market Intelligence
We provide sound knowledge networks, bridging Asia and the West, manufacturers and end-users, technologies and applications, today and tomorrow.