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  AUES Profile
Meet Your Environmental Needs Today and Tomorrow
As a branch of Ford Business, Action-United Environmental Services & Consulting (AUES) is a full-service company providing end-to-end solutions to clients in the public and private sectors for a broad range of environmental challenges.
Environmental services we provide include:
Environmental Management and Planning
Environmental Monitoring and Sampling
Pollution Control and Prevention
Environmental Engineering and Design
Environmental Assessment and Audit
Compliance Audit and Regulatory Analysis
License and Permit Application
Risk Assessment and Site Remediation
Environmental Product Assessment
Waste Management and Minimization
Laboratory Analytical Services
AUES is one of the leading environmental monitoring and sampling companies in HK and provides a wide range of monitoring, sampling, analysis and technical consultancy. Our professional service enables our customers to demonstrate compliance with local and/or international legislation, standards or requirements.
Environmental Ethics
What is civilized in us is not opera or literature but a compassion for all living things and a willingness to do more than simply care.
- Daniel Chiras
A penny will hide the biggest star in the universe if you hold it close enough to your eye.
- Samuel Grafton
It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.
- Shakespeare
You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.
- Abraham Lincoln